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Our History

Present day Threewit-Cooper Cement Co. was founded in 1888 by Benjamin Franklin Threewit. In 1891 G.A Barrows joined the business and the name was changed to Barrows and Threewit. The two were both from the Midwest and wanted to be part of the westward expansion that was gripping the United States. The business specialized in sewer pipe, lime, cement, plaster, sand, and gravel. The original location of the business was at 14th and New Haven Street. The business made many moves in its early years. Those locations included 1431 20th St., 20th and Blake, and 1441 Wazee. The business had two horse and wagon teams to deliver material to their customers.

In 1909 Henry H Cooper joined the firm as manager and moved the business to 1429 Wynkoop. The company name was changed to Threewit-Cooper Cement Co., the name the company still bears today. The growing business needed more room to grow and was moved to 2528 Market St. in 1920.

Mr. Threewit died in 1922 and Henry Cooper purchased the entire business. Henry knew that Threewit-Cooper was a well respected and accepted name in the construction supply industry, and chose to keep the name moving forward. Henry was a driving force for the company and was a man of great respect in the Denver community. Henry navigated the company through the great depression and poured his heart and soul in to the company for 54 years and retired in 1963. Henry Cooper passed away in 1965.

Threewit-Cooper had to keep pace with the growing city of Denver and state of Colorado. The decision was made in 1956 to purchase a lot at 2900 Walnut St. Shortly after, a brand new business complex would be built that had office, yard and warehouse space that would satisfy all the business’s needs. This location is still the home of the business today.

Joining the business in 1935 was Richard H Cooper who was Henry Cooper’s son. Richard Cooper, always known as “Dick” Cooper, would spend 48 years working at the company, and would cement the company’s second generation of family ownership. During the depression Dick worked at the Remington Arms plant in Denver, the company could not support 2 families during this rough economic climate. This was the only time he did not work for the company. Dick Cooper passed away in 1983.

In 1963, Leo Hayward joined Threewit-Cooper after completing his service to United States Marine Corps. Leo had married Carole Cooper, who was Richard Cooper’s oldest daughter.

In 1978 after 15 years of serious dedication to the business, Leo purchased the entire company. Like those previous to Leo, he had no intention of changing the name of the business. The company had now grown into a fleet of 20 plus delivery trucks, and had come a long way from delivering materials with horse and wagons. Threewit-Cooper had become a household name in the construction supply industry, and a business that’s reputation and service was second to none. Leo secured the business’ third generation of family ownership.

Leo was very proud of the business’s long life and heritage. He soon employed and engaged his two sons, Richard and Rod into the business. The two boys started working in the summer months when they were 13 years old, and were schooled in the ways of the business. After both completed college, Richard started working full time in 1983 and Rod full time in 1985. In 1998, Leo Hayward remained at the company but stepped aside and transferred the management of the company to the brothers. In 2004 Leo retired from the company. As was his style he didn’t want a retirement party, he was just moving on to the next stage of life. He spent 41 years dedicated to the business, his employees and customers. In 2004 Richard and Rod became the sole owners of the company. Their participation now completes the fourth generation of family ownership.

Threewit-Cooper has always been a reliable and dependable supplier to Denver and to Colorado. The business has participated in both the big and small projects of our wonderful state. The business has been instrumental in many of the major landmarks of Denver, including Denver International Airport Terminal Building, Denver Convention Center, Coors Field, and Denver Justice Center. Its industry knowledge and service to its customers will always be what sets it apart in the business community. As we head into 2012, the company will be 124 years old. We treasure our past and look forward to our future.

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